After Life – RIP

We all are destined to end our life here on planet Earth. That day, no one knows when it will be, for The Lord keeps that secret to Himself. The end of human life is tragedy for some and happiness for others. Those who have dedicated their lives to serving The Lord never die unhappy, in regret, repentance or tears. Those who live for their desires, needs, hopes, wants and wishes in the Material World, are oblivious of this day, which must come to All.

The Funeral Service

In Sikhism, a funeral ceremony may take place at any time of day or night, as is convenient and be either formal or informal. Sikh funeral services are meant to induce detachment and promote resignation to the will of the divine. A service may be conducted:

  • Outside / Gurdwara / Funeral Place / Home of Relatives.

Every Sikh funeral service, however simple or complex, consists of reciting the final prayer of the day, Kirtan Sohila, and the offering of Ardas. Both may be performed prior to cremation, the scattering of ashes, or otherwise disposing of remains. While the Sadharan Parth is being read, the family may also sing hymns daily. Reading may take as long as needed to complete the Parth, however formal mourning does not extend beyond ten days.

The Sadharan Parth  (no time limit full reading)

The ceremony in which the Sadharan Parth is begun, may be held when convenient, wherever the Guru Granth Sahib is present:

  • Hymns are sung from the scripture of the Guru Granth Sahib.
  • The first five and final verses of “Anand Sahib,” the “Song of Bliss,” are recited or sung.
  • The first five verses of Sikhism’s morning prayer, “Japji Sahib,” are read aloud to begin the Sadharan Parth.
  • Bhog – The ‘Ramkali Saddu – The Call of Death’ of Guru Amardas is read P 923.
  • A Hukamnama or random verse, is read from the Guru Granth Sahib.
  • Ardas is offered.
  • Prashad is distributed.
  • Langar a meal is served to guests.

Suitable Hymns for a Sikh Funeral

Hymns sung at a Sikh funeral offer solace to the bereaved by emphasizing the blending of the departed soul with the divine. The hymns are compositions taken from the Guru Granth Sahib such as:

  • Jeevan maran sukh ho-e jinhaa gur paa-i-aa|| Page 369 / Click Here
    In life and in death, peace resides with those who attain their Guru.”
  • Jot milee sang jot reh-i-aa ghaal-daa|| Page 524 – Click Here
    My light merges with the Supreme light, and my slavery is over.”
  • Sooraj kiran milae jal kaa jal hooaa raam|| Page 846 – Click Here
    The sunbeam blends with sunlight and the water drop is absorbed into water.”
  • Ramkali Saddu – Call of Death”|| Page 923 – Click Here
  • Oudak samund salal kee saakhiaa nadee tarang samaaveh-gae|| Page 1103 – Click Here
    Like droplets of water are in an ocean wave and the waves of a stream, I am immersed in the Lord.”
  • Allahniya“||  – Death Explained by Guru Nanak – Page 578-9 –Click Here

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