We Are Not Beggars

This Gurdwara is ‘free & self service’, no collection boxes or fraudulent priests sitting outside with a table and chair outside, waiting to rip you off. so we are not asking for your money. It will remain so for Time, even after my passing, as that is my ‘command & order’ that stands over this Gurdwara, not anyone else period. Let this ‘statement’ be your witness, remove or punish those who use their cleverness to change this declaration. We sincerely wish to develop the Gurdwara for your name sake’s & visitors, meaning you the contributor could help us create things which make this Gurdwara a special place for you, your family & citizens, too. I therefore request you consider our proposals, and if you can start and complete, any of these small projects, then do let us know. Or, bring in a third party whom you can hire to do something for The Gurdwara.

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Gurdwara Projects

  • Solar panels, battery packs, converter and inverter to make this a green ‘Solar Gurdwara’. Electricity is very costly and solar energy will help in lowering costs, making it a viable asset for future generations visiting the site.
  • At present we make do with ceiling fans but a few AC’s would change the whole environment inside the Gurdwara dramatically. People need to sit comfortably, not give off bad body sweaty smells, which attracts flies and other kinds of bugs. Coupled with solar energy this will be a life saver for the congregation.
  • We need display LED TV’s inside the Gurdwara to show the congregation the ‘divine writings contained within the Guru Granth Sahib’. There is a preschool/ primary school on site and they will benefit the most, when teachers, students and visitors alike, mingle and learn in The Guru’s House.
  • Water coolers during hot weather, wedding accessories, drone, CCTV, walkie talkies will improve security.
  • We need help from the hospital, police and departments to give us information for making a ‘funeral van’ which will serve many departments, institutions, households in the area. Dead body transportation is difficult and challenging. Economical weaker / backward will get our full support in lowering costs to an absolute minimum.
  • We need to develop a place for cooking facilities inside and outside the Gurdwara. This needs to be planned and setup, without inconvenience to visitors.
  • Toilet, trash and cleanliness is top priority, as these attract infections and disease. We have the basic in place but with your support this could become a small paradise for visitors.
  • As we are on the National Highway, a bus stop would become a necessity with solar lighting. Shade and seating would help old people and children.

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