Gurdwara Har Mandir Istri Sahib

This place of worship has been besieged with wide ranging issues, created by the people in the areas around it and those who wrongly & falsely claimed they ‘rule, own, control’ All Gurdwaras from ‘Day 1’. It has remained shut down for 9 years now, due to the atrocities committed by key ‘appointed protected criminals’ of the main Panthic Organization in the Punjab State, the Punjab Government’s political interference or blockade, and the Police Force driven from the top, to follow commands or orders, of those who have put them in uniform, pay for their service.

I regretfully cannot divulge any more information on this matter, as it may or may not infringe my Rights, or cause interference / obstruct the ‘course of justice’ presently ongoing in the Law Courts of India. I can refer all  visitors to these links below, which highlights my predicament and hope he/she will pardon.

Q. How was this Gurdwara named?

Ans: The simple answer is, my mother for whom this built, sat herself before the Guru Granth Sahib and opened a page randomly, from where the appropriate Divine Hymn (shabad) gives the name, within the divine words.

Q. Why does the name include ‘Istri’, meaning ladies also in the Name?

Ans: Those gifted to know the Guru Granth Sahib, will know that, be they ‘man or woman’ both, yes….it’s true both are considered the same in the Guru Granth Sahib, by The Lord Creator. Meaning, we All are looked upon by That One Creator as ‘woman kind‘. This may be a surprise to you or the many other visitors / people of my community, but a fact is a fact in truth. The Gurdwara then acknowledges the contribution of Sikh Women throughout the World and gives them equally standing in The Guru’s House. A woman may be the weaker sex, or emotionally stronger or hard-hearted at times, but it takes to make a great tango.

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