One Universal Lord Creator

Q. Where can one begin or even make a start, to describe, state, proclaim,  or profess The One Creator?

Ans: The absolute short answer is ‘not possible under any circumstances. Not even a grain of sand’s worth can we ‘the created beings’ of The One Creator’ even in dreams make such an attempt.

That does not mean we discard the notion of The Creator totally, and live life till death, then nothing. From Nothing comes ‘something’ and when that something ceases to exist, again from Nothing ‘something’ appears. The Living Species and the World we live in could NOT have become manifest, without Energy & Material present.

Seeing is Believing

This is true for the majority of people in the World. But, there are times when this is not needed, as we can gather evidence or present facts to the contrary or disprove through science, experiment or other means, the 6 questions (who, what, where, why, how, when and conclusion). I have only this to say on this, that ‘Air’ cannot be seen, it is perpetually invisible. But, we can use many means to prove that what we breathe, is something and it’s called Air. This element is an exception. Then there are element particles unseen by the human eye, but detected through scientific instruments. In essence, it seems the more we try to find, to prove something, the more we find positive or negative, which keeps us hanging.

Believing is Seeing

This is an opposite paradox of the statement above, meaning if one first believes, then ‘one will see’. This particular statement is the fundamental axiom of all and any, spiritual knowledge, wisdom and truth. Those who set their mind’s intellect to first believe, then pursue the logical or illogical in ‘spiritual knowledge’, will transverse, All that is Seen and has been Visibly Created.

The Unseen Invisible One Lord –  can only be realized and envisioned, when any human being from all created on the planet, regardless of color, caste, race, status, form or discipline, first “believes” and then starts slowly losing all doubts on the roadway, reaches the top of the mountain, where no ladder can reach.

Q. Will you believe first?…there lies the answer to the conundrum of the paradox. It’s just a mirage what we see, the rest is hidden and cannot be seen, only believed.

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