Gurdwara Har Mandir Istri Sahib – Rules 2019 Onward

This first self-service Gurdwara has it’s own rules which visitors should try to adhere to and report any misunderstanding or rule break to the Manager of The Gurdwara. This Gurdwara does not operate according to The Gurdwara Act 1925, The Marriage Act 2016 & any other dictate, of all third party organizations or any other Panthic Organization or Authority / Party (political or otherwise in Statutory Law). Ruling under landmark Constitutional Case No. WP(C)  7693 / 2018 of the Delhi High Court applies to this Gurdwara for all Time.

The Gurdwara was purpose built to allow any caste / race / color / religion / belief in the state, country or the planet, to visit say their prayers, listen to The Guru’s Gurbani (Divine Scripture) from the Guru Granth Sahib, sing The Lord’s Virtuous praises, give sermons and educate children in the belief.

Follow These Rules

  1. You are not a Sikh until you believe in true faith The Guru Granth Sahib only, and not your thoughts, thinking or mind’s intelligence. Then commit deeds based on the divine instructions contained within it implicitly. Like children in a school we have to make a start somewhere and learn for ourselves what the teacher presents before the class. Same, the Gurdwara, you attend your place of worship to learn, analyze, understand find realization from the Divine Teachings contained with the Guru Granth Sahib.
  2. To become a Sikh then, you must touch, see, read and feel within yourself what in written in the Guru Granth Sahib. This you can do by yourself or take some help and support from others. But critically, you must see, read, analyze, find understanding and realization of the Divine Teaching, by yourself. In this Gurdwara, you learn from the Divine Teacher – The Guru Granth Sahib, no other.
  3. When you attend this Gurdwara, you will bow before Your Guru, sit before it, make prayers, read silently or to others and take ‘parshad’ (sweet pudding) or other condiments. These is no ‘donation money box’ in this private personal Gurdwara, so you cannot place any cash money or checks, inside the Gurdwara and neither can person(s) do such a thing inside. Material goods & services from visitors are permitted to share with everyone, donations or charity as permitted by the ‘Gift Act’ and maximum cash Rs. 2000 per visitor.
  4. The Guru Granth Sahib is a ‘divine light’ in the world that never goes out. It is a light that shines forever and ever, without a switch to turn it ‘on or off’. This Gurdwara will always have the Guru Granth Sahib in an ‘open state’ for anyone who wishes to say prayers or take advise from The Guru. Due to security reasons & sacrilege instances in the State, late evening or night will be by appointment only, unless special arrangements for ceremonies or prayers are made in advance and security is on hand.
  5. Once The Guru ‘parkash’ (presented open) has been done in this Gurdwara, it can never be put to sleep again. We sleep but the Guru Granth Sahib does not require any sleep as it has ‘no senses’ and is an everlasting Light.
  6. If someone needs a local sewadaar (helper) because he / she can’t read or write, is deaf, blind or dumb, or cannot read The Guru Granth Sahib Ji by themselves at any time, their will be board outside the Gurdwara, with a mobile number which one can call for assistance.  These boards will be in Punjabi, Hindi & English. 
  7. Politics of any kind from any party in the State, are not permitted under any circumstances to make this Gurdwara a ‘political platform’ or give political speeches or make references on any matter related to politics. Giving reverence and special treatment to dignitaries or the wealthy or those who have privileged rank is not permitted, even if cash money or donation is offered. Bribery, back-handers or corruption of any in religious matters by staff or visitors is illegal, in a place of worship and in extreme cases, force may be used. No one allows the singing of The Lord’s Praises or giving divine sermons, in the Lok Sabha, the State Parliaments or the hundreds of departments, same, this Gurdwara prohibits politics of any kind in the Gurdwara.
  8. Presently, Gurdwaras offer routine services to visitors daily or on special occasions. Apart from morning or evening prayers and divine hymn singing, we don’t enforce any other routine, habitual practices, we diversify and these leave it to the individual visitors, to make the day. The Unseen God has never been won over by routines, rituals or ceremonies and habitual practices, only a true belief & love from an individual, attracts His Attention.
  9. Weddings in this Gurdwara will be done according to Law first. Meaning Notarized documentation will need to be competed on the spot, ID and Address proofs submitted to the Gurdwara Manager, wedding photos & card, signatures of couple in Wedding Register of Gurdwara plus witnesses. Second, the actual ceremony must be performed by the couple, they must speak the Lahvaan and take Hukamnama at the end of unity.  The congregation are then witness to the marriage.  Re-marriages are permitted, if the original marriage & divorce certificates are presented, copied to the Notary at the time of re-marriage & witness proofed.
  10. Langar in the Gurdwara may be ‘ticketed’ or gifted or donated, and this is a community service.
  11. All castes and races without discrimination or prejudice can attend this Gurdwara. Turbaned or non-turbaned visitors are equally welcome to attend services. The practice of the 5 K’s of Khalsa or taking ‘sugary water amrit’ is a fake and false practice proven in the Courts of India per Case No: WP(C) 7693/2018, and those who still believe this may do so individually (no issues – love all round), but you cannot impose or dictate those religious views to any other, in this Gurdwara.
  12. Sentiment or Emotional Feeling is Not Religion and this is prohibited.
  13. Ammunition, arms or weapons, drugs, alcohol, intoxicants, smoking or non-veg of any sort, are all prohibited. Threatening, fighting, abusing, stealing, fraud, plying false accusations, lies or fake news are also prohibited.
  14. Cleanliness is next to ‘godliness’ keep the Gurdwara, site clean and tidy is Everyone’s responsibility. On the spot fines may be issued to rude, persistent offenders.
  15. Keep mobiles ‘off’ in the Gurdwara at all times and shoes should be kept in your car or outside the Gurdwara (limited space).
  16. CCTV is in operation and the site is under surveillance 24/7. Photography or video or mobile phone recording inside the Gurdwara is not permitted. The Gurdwara Manager has discretion under special circumstances & this must be taken prior to any such allowance.
  17. By visiting Gurdwara Har Istri Sahib at Kirat Niwas, you agree to abide by the site’s ‘Code of Conduct’ at all times, which can be requested and seen at the Manager’s Office. You may be removed from the site forcefully, legal action or police action taken, if you do not follow this Code.
  18. As the site is privately owned and personal, the Manager of the Gurdwara, has full discretion on all the stated rules, and may amend or add new rules or suspend any rule, without notice.

The Gurdwara Specialty – Shabad Langar

When this is announced, it may go on for a few days including nights. The Divine Hymns (shabad) contained within the Guru Granth Sahib are deep in meaning, wondrous and profound. Very few people in our World are given the ‘insight and vision in mind’ to know their true meaning, by none other, but The Guru Himself. Ordinarily, a human mind is incapable of deciphering the true meaning of any Divine Hymn (shabad) a divine treasure of gold, jewels, diamonds and exquisite pearls, sapphires, rubies and gems. Anyone in the world can today download a copy of the Guru Granth Sahib, open, read or listen to it. But, the mystical and profound Divine Hymn’s True Meaning can never ever be known, unless The Guru puts that divine knowledge, wisdom and truth in the mind of the person, Himself.

This last statement will bring ‘skepticism, doubt & disbelief’ to any human mind, but the truth is in the ‘believing’ and not in the seeing. Those who see shall not believe, but those who first believe will see the truth of this Lord’s Given Light. This is a per-ordained, written Order by The Lord Creator Himself, before one is born here, from a Time past, through true devotional worship (bhakti), hard lessoned by a True Guru. It cannot be gained any other way, no matter how much and for how long a human mind tries, tries and tries !

  • Seeing Divine Truth is a pain and suffering intolerable for any human mind & soul.
  • Believing Divine Truth is like taking the wounds of a dagger, with even more pain and suffering.
  • Living Divine Truth is a death from the two above in a burning fire, but thereafter comes freedom and true peace.


May The Lord be Merciful, Compassionate, Kind and Forgiving to Your Soul.

Last Updated: September 2019