The Gurdwara Specialty – Shabad Langar

When this is announced, it may go on for a few days including nights. The Divine Hymns (shabad) contained within the Guru Granth Sahib are deep in meaning, wondrous and profound. Very few people in our World are given the ‘insight and vision in mind’ to know their true meaning, by none other, but The Guru Himself. Ordinarily, a human mind is incapable of deciphering the true meaning of any Divine Hymn (shabad) a divine treasure of gold, jewels, diamonds and exquisite pearls, sapphires, rubies and gems. Anyone in the world can today download a copy of the Guru Granth Sahib, open, read or listen to it. But, the mystical and profound Divine Hymn’s True Meaning can never ever be known, unless The Guru puts that divine knowledge, wisdom and truth in the mind of the person, Himself.

¬†This last statement will bring ‘skepticism, doubt & disbelief’ to any human mind, but the truth is in the ‘believing’ and not in the seeing. Those who see shall not believe, but those who first believe will see the truth of this Lord’s Given Light. This is a per-ordained, written Order by The Lord Creator Himself, before one is born here, from a Time past, through true devotional worship by a True Guru. It cannot be gained any other way, no matter how much and for how long a human mind tries, tries and tries!

May The Lord be Merciful, Compassionate, Kind and Forgiving to Your Soul.

Last Updated: March 2021