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This Gurdwara permits without discrimination or prejuduce, all the four castes prevelant in India – brahmin, kashtriya, shudra & vaishya – any present sikh, singh or sect, any followers of other religions from anywhere in the World. The Sikh who is transformed by The Guru from any of these castes then belongs, serves and sacrifices to the True Guru or SatGuru. The SatGuru or True Guru has given divine knowledge, wisdom and truth through His Gurus to the world, in the Guru Granth Sahib. The True Guru makes one a Sikh in sprituality (of the soul), who is not of any colour, denomination, race, caste, tribe or dressage, decoration or articles, we cannot claim, certify or profess this on ourselves nor get others in the world to bestow it upon us . This is a divine gift pre-ordained in one’s life to have or not have. If you have it, you only know it, if you dont then everyone knows it.

This first ‘self service’ Gurdwara has no restrictions like man made ‘reyat maryada’ (not in Guru Granth Sahib), or any unconstitutional laws acts or bylaws, which can be enforced upon it (privately owned property), no priests or sewadars, no donation money boxes for those who visit the Gurdwara. You can freely give personal gifts to the Gurdwara – like towels, food, fans, sweets, paint, plaque, statue, portraits – perform services or add consumables to the langar (feasting) when announced.

Money, cash, cheques or online payments are not required or needed, you ‘give’ whatever you desire without any pressure or demand. This will give assurances to any foreign tourists to the Gurdwara, that we are not fleecing you for anything, or demanding you donate give charity. This is a place of worship & praise of the One God (so named Kirat Niwas) and you can freely pray, hear sermon or share your experiences, sing hymns or classical, and participate in the services. No rituals, ceremonies or protocol here, your heart’s wish and desire is the foundation of this Gurdwara.

Q. Why a ‘ladies’ named Gurdwara?

This Gurdwara will in due course of Time, be managed, operated and run by only ladies from India and all around the world, who take a share in it. I am the last ‘man’ to own, operate and manage the property, none other shall follow me and gain it forever. The aim and true purpose is to give Sikh ladies (followers of the Guru Granth Sahib / True Guru) a sense of belonging to the True Guru’s religion and not just be party to Sikh history. History is never ‘religion’, both are separate and indifferent, you cannot mix water and mud, expect purity, cleanliness and holiness. They bring the children, who can be led into Divine Truth.

  • Services – Shabad Langer / Parshad – Pangat & Sangat (The Guru’s Divine Hymn)

This Gurdwara’s speciality is setting the individual’s course in life, in tune with The Guru’s Will through the given divine knowledge, wisdom and truth, stated in the Guru Granth Sahib. To this end, any individual from the four castes, any foreign country’s citizen be of any race or religion, can make a ‘one to one’ relationship with The One Unseen, Invisible, Immortal, Almighty Creator through the given Guru’s Divine Hymn (shabad). This makes one a divine Sikh. The Guru’s Divine Hymn (shabad) is the immortalizing Divine Ambrosia (called True Amrit) of that One Unseen Lord Creator, which when taken, read, contemplated, reasoned with, analyzed, tested therein, understod and realized by any human mind, regardless of their own race, caste, colour, religion or country, causes a true belief, faith, trust and fear to set permanent in the mind and it’s consciousness.

A transformation begins within heart, body and mind, that is an “intense burning which purifies” the mind, over an extended period of Time. This Time period is unknown, cannot be counted out nor even estimated. It elevates the human mind, step by step up a divine ladder that reaches and causes one to fall at The Lord’s Feet. The Sikh sacrifices to The Guru & His Divine Hymn (shabad) his mind, body and soul. A rare few get this Divine Ambrosia to eat and drink, from this feast (langer / parshad) in life.

The people present will be offered a lite langar before this divine day starts, which praises the third Guru Amardas’s preach of ‘pangat before sangat‘. Normally tea, biscuits, a little lentil and bread (daal & roti) will be always provided, the Gurdwara requests those attending to add whatever they can to the feasting by bringing fruit or cooked meals from home even. You choose what you can give and it will all add to the langar.

  • Services – Kirtan & Prayers (The Guru’s Divine Hymn)

Any potential Sikh, can then sing praise, do prayers from the Guru Granth Sahib, which invoke true love, worship and rememberance in the mind’s consciousness. It’s not only about ‘raags’ or melodies, it’s about refreshing, pleasing yourself, your mind, heart and body. This freshness is like having a bath everyday, the Sikh makes effort, sacrifices time from his or her life to The Guru and His Divine Hymn (shabad). He or she uses the senses and targets the head’s eyes on the ‘Written Divine Word’. This is the ‘true cleaning’ which all seek, desire and need. Nobody’s going to do this for you, you will reap what you yourself sow. Why expect sweet mangoes when you have sown wheat?

  • Services – Marriage / Birth / Death / Thanks Giving (The Guru’s Divine Hymn)

Bring your wedding party, your parents relatives, friends and others and get married with The Guru’s Divine Hymn (Lahvaan – Guru Ramdas). The bride and groom must speak those four confirmations, themselves to each other and commit before all present with a Divine Hymn (shabad) from the Guru Granth Sahib. A newly born child is then santified by The Guru’s Divine Hymn (shabad) and as does the parting in death. Sometimes we announce a new venture, job, business or need The Guru’s help and support in illness or trial. All these you will do yourself, those present can participate and direct.

  • Services – Ardas /Offering Prayer¬† (The Guru’s Divine Hymn)

All functions or services will start with this Gurdwara’s Ardas (Prayer). It can be downloaded from the menu above and in the Gurdwara on to your smartphone. The Gurdwara has Smart TV screens to show this to everyone, so all participate together.

  • Services – Personal Hukamnama (The Guru’s Divine Hymn)

Any man, woman or child can take The Guru’s Divine Hymn (shabad) from the Guru Granth Sahib when they so desire, to give them peace of mind, contentment, bring guidance, help and support. This is purely personal and its for anyone.

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