Defining a Sikh?

  1. Q. Define a Sikh?


In very simple format, any person from the four predominate castes in our country, namely: the Brahmins, Kshatriyas, Vaishyas and Shudras, who first and foremost, have true faith & belief, in the Divine Guru Granth Sahib, in turn the Sikh Gurus, Bhagats, Sants etc. This affiliation is totally spiritual, and has no material color, form or image, as it’s the Color of The One Unseen Almighty Creator. You cannot dress that human with defining clothes, you cannot impose a caste, race or tribe or number nor make any boundaries.

This classification can then be extended to any in the world from the 4 originally created types of humans, meaning those who were White, Black or Dark Complexion, Chinese and Indian.  All that exists today in human form, has been derived from these 4 types and fills the world with Human Color. So, the Sikh can come to be any of these 4 types, whosoever wants a True Guru to perfect their lives.

  1. Q. How then does one become a Sikh?


Again very simply put, it’s declared in the Guru Granth Sahib by The Gurus & Others Divine Teachings contained therein, in different Divine Hymns, but it culminates in the Fourth Guru Ramdas, Lahvaan, which defines a spiritual step marriage of a human, with The Unseen Lord. It is so defined, that one has to be gifted to believe in that process, only then does it directly affect, transform and rejuvenate that lucky and fortunate human being, into a ‘super-natural person’. That sadly, is per-ordained and written from a Time Past, it cannot happen randomly or in one human life. This defining Truth, causes an uncountable many to see, read, recite even have in possession the Guru Granth Sahib, but its True Essence is never gained or accepted, and disappointed or dejected, the person disbelieves, becomes doubtful and skeptical.

  1. Q. How to name a Sikh then?


Take for an example a supervisor, manager, member, officer, commander, sarpanch, Sir, MLA, Chief, Deputy, Commissioner, Prime Minster or President even.  Each has their own name by birth, caste, race or tribe or belief / religion dictated. We place their designation from the the job / role they play in life. These designations are extremely important as they remove color, caste, race, religion or belief and order from others. Then give them a uniform or badge and we hope to ‘control & order’ those who are sub-ordinates and give respect to those who are above. The army, navy and military, business, corporate, farming even beggary, has its ranks.

The Guru’s Sikh then can come from any caste in India or the world even, and the defining element is The Divine Order from which it emanates, and that is defined in the Guru Granth Sahib as the Khalsa, which have existed before the Holy Scripture, The Gurus and Others, who brought Sikhism into the World.

In consideration to what I have written above, it’s sensible to designate all those who follow the Guru Granth Sahib as “Sikh or Khalsa”, which should be placed after the person’s true name, so that anyone scrutinizing verification documents can clearly understand that he / she have taken religious affirmation, with Sikhism. Sikhs are many in castes and have many factions, examples are, Namdhaari, Premi, Akali, Nihang, Nirankari, Valmikhi, Nirmala, Mazhabi, etc ( These factions essentially in the main follow Sikhism, albeit some follow a Dehi-Guru (living human), but at the end of the day, they all must bow their heads down to the Guru Granth Sahib and its Divine Teachings.

These designations / classifications maybe used by these factions, but to differentiate between Hindus / Sikhs / Christians / Muslims / Others, we need just one word to make the difference. That word has to be ‘Sikh or Khalsa’, which all the followers of Sikhism must place in their name. This will be better suited at the end of one’s name, no matter what caste, race or tribe in the world.

The word ‘Singh’ is a false name, by my written testimony to the Judiciary of India in WP(C) 7693 / 2018 . This has to be withdrawn by Law and substituted with ‘Sikh or Khalsa’. The false name ‘Singh’ has vilified the true Sikh of The Gurus, for hundreds of years and is a sacrilege against the name of The Tenth, Master Guru Gobind Singh Ji & His Five Beloveds. These benevolent ‘Singhs’ were unique, extraordinary and heroes created by The Guru Himself, and will remain forever, immortalized in the hearts and minds of All Sikhs. Let no man then of any caste, race or color, even try copy this Divine Feat and ridicule The Guru.

Q. Is a Sikh, a converted Hindu or a convert from another race, caste, tribe, belief or religion?


Absolutely never, under no circumstances can anyone on the planet, be they of what caste, race or color or religion even, ‘make’ themselves into a Sikh / Gursikh / Gurmukh by their own doing or efforts or deeds. This is gifted and given to a fortunate few by The Guru Himself in a Written Destiny, and it is not ad-hoc.

But as the spirituality of a person cannot be defined in a Material Format, then like I suggested, a follower who takes the name of ‘Sikh or Khalsa’ in their name on a birth certificate, have affiliated themselves to that cause and the Sikh religion permeating from the Guru Granth Sahib Ji. The Sikh Gurus were all Hindus, who created the Guru Granth Sahib, one of them, Guru Teg Bahadur even gave his head for the practice of our Hindu Religion. But, not all Hindus are then Sikh. A Sikh can be maternally Hindu or another race, caste, belief or religion, from the World. Instruments exist to change one’s name in every country of the world. Ladies in India and other countries, change their name after marriage. The same with a Sikh, once he/she decides to become a servant of The Guru spiritually, they will automatically change their name to ‘Sikh / Khalsa’ in the calling.

The Sikh Lahvaan