The Unique Guru Granth Sahib

Q. Now comes the most difficult, arduous and challenging part of the spiritual equation. How does one start ‘truly believing’? Whom to ‘believe and what should one do to ‘believe’? What to believe and where can one find this true belief?

Ans. The very first test / hurdle is usually the very last for 99.9% of people on the planet. People love being given something on a plate free, a free lunch, a gift or a donation, who wants to work day and night, year after year, long hours and make money. Easier to rob, steal, cheat, deceive, commit crime or fraud or even lies and deception. Money, wealth, riches and assets are never made without, committing the proverbial term ‘Sin’.

Adam & Eve were lead astray and made to walk the life path of ‘good and bad’ which results in Death. Eating forbidden fruit is like placing a large uncooked piece of meat before a dog, then ordering him / her, ‘don’t you dare eat that meat unless I tell you”! Hardly a rare dog will keeping it’s eyes fixed on the piece of meat, try not to bite, grab & eat it. This is the truth of all truths, we have all fallen down before ‘temptation’ and 99.9% fall flat face over it. So Eve, wins the day and the ‘tree of knowledge of all that is good and bad’ prevails.

This ‘divine truth’ is stated in the Guru Granth Sahib & many other religions ‘truths’ are also contained in it. This is exceptional, not normal, this Divine Scripture has to be read by a non-believer or a believer, then give Time to ‘contemplate, think, give due consideration, reminders, recitation, analyzes, understanding and realization’. This extended period of Contemplation & Worship Time has to be done alone, without outside worldly interference and with an open mind. Worldly responsibilities, business, job, farming, begging or crime have to take a back seat. Then the body’s senses are deprived of worldly pleasures and the mind can be driven to ‘believe before seeing’.

This extraordinary feat cannot be done by any human being, unless first some critical criteria are fulfilled. This list is not in order, in spirituality everything you will do is ‘learning to know and believe that Order, then make the jigsaw yourself’.

  • The human being must genuinely desire, wish, want, need and dedicate without exception, this challenge. If one is doing work half hardheartedly, without any commitment or dedication, without sincere desire or hope or wish, without vision, without falling down by the wayside because everybody thinks you are ‘nuts’ or wasting your time, or taken down by the needs of the family, friends and worldly pursuits, or this and that, or pretense, then all that you will do and for all how long will give you a net profit of Zero.
  • One must be destined for this, in a per-ordained time past and whosoever is destined, automatically believes without seeing.
  • That lucky fortunate so and so blessed, will one day in their lifetime meet with a True Guru. This meeting again is destined by the previous bullet point. This True Guru will impart the spiritual knowledge through the ‘written of God’. Be it the Bible, Koran, Vedas, Gita, Dharampada or Other. Those who brought that ‘divine knowledge’, made it ‘letters and words’ given by God Himself, to them in mind, for they believed and envisioned The Lord Creator in All Places and in Everything, throughout their life.
  • Inevitably, that person is put to the test, by their True Guru, to see, time and time again, if they are really, really are ‘suitable and acceptable’. The force of temptation burns harder, mind’s desires increase manifold, greed, anger, lust, fire and flame the human body. A rare few keep to the path
  • The True Guru is the ‘prophet of the respective religion, and Jesus, Mohammad, Ram, Krishna, Nanak, Buddha, are examples of such Divine Gurus.

The Guru Granth Sahib – has been bound together by the Divine Teachings of Sikh Gurus, Sants, Devotional Worshippers, Fakirs and Others, who have brought this Divine Gift to Humanity, which culminates previous divine knowledge in Time Ages & Holy Books, past. As we climb a step ladder to the top, other religious scripture has been filtered, cleaned and specified in detail, what dictates all humanity and the processes involved in the purification of Man, to get to the top, meet & envision The Creator. The Scripture contained in the Guru Granth Sahib is called ‘The Lord’s Name’ or ‘His Feet’ which means, mankind and humanity, plus the millions of Species are The Lord’s Creative Work, and The Lord exists within All. It is The Lord’s Playing Field and all those created are His Play Things. The Material Existence we see, hear, touch, smell and taste with our five senses, we use through greed, pride, lust, anger and deep emotional attachment.

An old saying goes: Quote “The Guru Grath Sahib is the Real Truth and Nothing but The Truth, for All Mankind irrespective of color, caste, race or status or form’ !!